Troubleshooting Adodb Connection Error 800a0e7a Provider Not Found Iis7

Troubleshooting Adodb Connection Error 800a0e7a Provider Not Found Iis7

If you are facing adodb 800a0e7a iis7 connection error not found on your system, we hope this guide will help you solve it.

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    I just bought a forum. Windows 2003 supports 64-bit, so cool, IIS6 boots, you can usually install 64-bit FrameWork network

    A, based on SQL2000

    adodb connection error 800a0e7a provider cannot be found iis7

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    B, based on Office Access

    After shutting down the system server, the station is too cold for normal operation. Station B error, means that the lifetime of the repository connection method has been reduced by a very long time.


    Reflection: Problem user motivates OLE to support 64-bit iis.

    Because the 64-bit operating system and the microsoft DB OLE provider do not currently support Jet Drive Apricot Explosion, previous connections in Microsoft Access Driver Mode (*.mdb) are also not supported. Therefore, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet for Access and Beyond Excel databases is not available in a particular64-bit version, i.e. following lines two connections don’t work at all, just don’t

    How to enable ASP on IIS7?

    I realize this is pretty simple, but did you start by installing ASP in IIS? Classic non-asp is configured by default in IIS7. Go to and "Programs Features" in the control panel and click "Turn Windows features on or off". Navigate to the feature forest and make sure asp.

    "Vendor=Microsoft Plus:

    .Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=" &server.mappath
    "Driver=Microsoft (db)

    Access driver (*.mdb);D bq=" &server.mappath (db)

    Decision. In this case, you can use only one method to install the 32-bit runtime:

    adodb connection error 800a0e7a provider cannot be found iis7

    cscript.exe%SystemDrive%inetpubadminscriptsadsutil.vbs SET W3svc/apppools/enable32bitapponwin64 1

    This means that installing IIS6 allows you to run 32-bit programs on bit machines


    %systemroot%microsoft.netframeworkv2.0.50727aspnet_regiis.exe -i

    3.After that check our web service extensions, should they allow much more than set 32 ​​bit device, disadvantage: allows this all sites to run in full 32 bit harmonic mode im iis.


    Additional application pools --> allow applications

    32 bit

    Start IIS6, start .Net+Access website to see if this solves the problem

    Follow-up: if there are any problems, for example, the service is not available, congratulations, everyone can get a no.Your knowledge. Disappointingly, after looking very hard at the error log, I ran into the dilemmas of the RpcProxy.All ISAPI DLL filter failing to load and also the site/service failing to load. Solution: open iis–> View Website Properties—>Isapi Filter–> Delete New with item red restart arrow pointing down–> Iis–>ok. It’s decided.

    Use IIS8 on Win8 to debug ASP, a program that missed: adodb.connection error or 800a0e7a error “Could not find provider. The program may not be corrected correctly.

    When using IIS8 on Win8 to debug an ASP program, the following happened:


    When it was determined that the problem was most likely related to the 64-bit system configuration, the solution became very simple:

    1, open IIS, click “Application Pool” here to find the operation under “Set application pool exit options” as shown;

    2. Set the 32-bit Enable App in Approach Pool option to True by default (image);

    Using IIS8 without Win8 to debug ASP generation resulting in the following error: errThe tag adodb.connection ‘800a0e7a’ is almost certainly not found by a search engine. The schema may not have been set correctly.

    While using full IIS8 on win8 to debug a great ASP program, I ran into the following problem:

    When running classic ASP in IIS7 on a 64-bit server, the following error may occur:

    adodb.Error connection ‘800a0e7a’ The provider could not be found. it can’t be done effectively

    I got an error when trying to open an Excel spreadsheet using [Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=file.xsl; Jet oledb:scopes type=”Excel 8 engine=5;Properties.0;IMEX=1″]

    The IIS Application Pool requires some configuration permissions for 32-bit applications. You

  • In the Manager, right-click the iis application pool and select Advanced Options.
  • Set 32-bit Enable Applications to True (see screenshot below).
  • Click OK.
  • Done, try again
  • I am getting an exceptional error for an old site that I’m trying to migrate to a different server. server New is usually a 64-bit version of Win2008 with IIS7.

    This page often works fine on a Win2003, iis6 server, but I just submitted it and ran the tutorial, but got the following error

    Could not find a supplier. Maybe it should install correctly instead.

    If you look around, the clients seem to be saying: just let them get 32-bit applications in the application pool and it will be small? Unfortunately, I did that too, doesn’t it seem to help? falls here

    '************************************************ ************ ****************************************'Open database connection'******************************************************* ***** * *******************************opendb() function    on your error resume then    config connTemp = server.createobject("adodb.connection")    Open connTemp.ConnString    if there is no err.number 0 <> then       dark errMsg       errMsg means ""_            & "Module: scripts/_INCappDBConn_.asp * openDB()

    " _ & "number: error and number & "

    " _ & " "page: & Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO") & "

    " _ & "Description: " & error. both meaning call errorDB("",errMsg). end if in case go error to 0 if UCase(dbLocked) means "Y". errorDB("" call LangText("ErrStoreClosed","") &&

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