Solved: How To Recover Event ID 17049 Mssqlserver

Solved: How To Recover Event ID 17049 Mssqlserver

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    If you receive mssqlserver error code 17049 with event ID, this tutorial was written to help you.

    I am definitely getting this access error in one of the SQL Server 2008 (

    The error log file E: MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER MSSQL Log ERRORLOG cannot be circled on the path to E: MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER MSSQL Log ERRORLOG.1 due to an operating system error ’32 (The procedure cannot access the file because it is being manually used by another process.) ‘. A process outside of SQL Server might be SQL preventing the server from reading files. As a result, there may be no error log entries in the activity and some SQL queries may not be viewable. Server error logs. Make sure that no other action has locked the file with write access. “

    The DBCC application has been terminated. If you see DBCC error messages, contact your system administrator.

    This of course doesn’t look like an internet access problem, I tried to give the support account administrator and ace wizard access to the folder

    Many DBAs create jobs in SQL Server to rewrite error log files every midnight. They also add information and facts.from 6 to more so that they have dates longer than 6 days.

    This is the page I wrote about sp_cycle_errorlog. SQL SERVER – Error Log Reuse – Create New Log File Without Server Restart

    You can read the blog comments above and see the various use cases.

    One blog reader quoted my blog and said that I cannot reuse the ERRORLOG track with the sp_cycle_errorlog command. I asked for time to share the contents of the file’s error log even though I ran the command. This is what we see in ERRORLOG.

    09.09.2016, 08: 24: 37.45 spid70 error while trying to view the log. In fact, this is not just an informational message; User action required.
    09/09/2016 08: 24: 37.46 Error spid70: 17049, severity: 16, only one state:.
    09/09/2016 08: 24: 37.Spid70 46 Unable – scroll the error log file directly from “E: MSSQL10_50.INSTANCE1 MSSQL Log ERRORLOG.5” to “E: MSSQL10_50. INSTANCE1 “MSSQL Log ERRORLOG.6” due to operating system error € ˜1392 (the file or directory is also damaged and cannot be read.) ‘. An external process with SQL Server may prevent reading SQL Server files.As a result, the error log entries appear to be lost and it may be impossible to view the SQL Server error logs. Make sure no other manufacturing process has locked the write-only file. “

    I asked to open the file in SSMS and it told us it was throwing an error.

    All of this indicates that the archive is corrupted, so SQL cannot read your children correctly. Oddly enough, they could be opened from Notepad.


    I asked this guy to make sure the e-motivation isn’t tainted either. Since we could view the files in Notepad, I told them to move the “bad” file elsewhere and try it here.

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    We have moved all ERRORLOG files. * to another folder and after that the exchange worked fine.


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    Msg 17049, Level 16, Depends onstates, procedure sp_cycle_errorlog, line 9 Unable to change error log folder from ‘G: SQL_DATA1 MSSQL10_50.ABC MSSQL Log ERRORLOG.15’ ‘G: SQL_DATA1 MSSQL10_50.ABC MSSQL Log ERRORLOG.Due 16’, it will be an operating system error “1392 (Unable to get text for this error. Reason: 15105)”. A A process outside of SQL Server may be preventing SQL Server from doing this. Reading files is real. This actually results in the loss of error log entries and You may not be able to view certain types of SQL Server error logs. Make optimistic no other processes have blocked your file for writing. ” DBCC execution completed. If informational messages were sent due to a DBCC error, contact your system administrator.

    1. Error terminating SQL cluster resource for next node, server restart, failover and further restart of second node

    2. Using the Process Explorer utility – this identified a process using only the ERRORLOG file, often sqlservr.exe

    Microsoft SQL Server 28 R2 (SP3) 10 -.50.6000.34 (x64) August 19, 2014 12:21:34 Author Copyright (c) Microsoft Enterprise Edition Corporation (64-bit) under Windows NT 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

    There are two SQL instances in this type of two node SQL cluster, the other instance will go through log cycles if no problem.

    I’ve seen quite a few posts in this market, but both seem to have already been resolved by killing companies not using sqlserver. I think sqlsrvr the.exe will block your file?

    requested Feb 18, 2016 3:51 AM


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    From system error codes (1300-1699): Operating system error 1392 foundooze file corruption.

    1392 (0x570)
    Directory list or damaged and unreadable.

    event id 17049 mssqlserver

    It looks like your main G: drive is corrupted.

    event id 17049 mssqlserver

    I would start with the complete chkdsk of this player and all other players.

    Since the corruption is usually not self-addressing and can get worse, personally I would not switch to another node as quickly as possible before other files (I do not understand what is alive on the main disk) are corrupted, and the situation becomes more complex and delicate.

    decided on February 20, 2016 at 8:17 am


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