Best Way To Fix PST Folder Opened In Outlook

Best Way To Fix PST Folder Opened In Outlook

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    Over the past few weeks, some readers have told us that they have learned how to open a PST folder in Outlook. Choose File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. Note. Depending on how Outlook is configured, this is likely the folder containing the .Select My Outlook Data File (.pst), then select Open.When you open the entire Outlook data file (.pst), you will see the main file in the directory pane.

    opening a pst folder in outlook

    When someone wants to recover pieces of information from a backup file, importing what experts believe is an entire email fileWell, it takes a long time in Outlook. Here is how you can open a PST file in Microsoft Outlook and view its content without importing it.

    Backing up email to a PST file is a professional way to create a long-term email archive and save space in someone’s email account. But perhaps in hindsight, if you have a PST file, accessing email without importing the entire file is not that easy.

    Fortunately, Outlook allows you to work with a PST file without importing it, allowing you to view its contents as if it were a specific folder. You can read campaigns, copy or move them to your company account, delete them, reply to them, forward them, create tasks or meetings, and pretty much anything you can do with regular email.Open

    First, launch the Microsoft Office implementation, click File, then choose Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File.

    Browse to the PST file you want to open and say OK.

    The PST file is compared with”Outlook Data File” at the bottom of the navigation bar.

    Browse all PST folders just like you would any other folder in Outlook. You can usually leave the file open for as long as you want, even if you close and reopen Outlook. This makes backup files incredibly handy as it reduces the number of emails in your inbox since some of the messages in a PST file only exist in that file and not in the online account.

    opening a pst folder in outlook

    What is the difference between Outlook PST and OST files?

    If you need to add multiple open PST files or remember file actions, you can change its name from “Outlook Data File” to something more descriptive /p>

    Can I open Outlook PST files without Outlook?

    If your Microsoft Office license has expired and you want to run PST files without Outlook, you can download an external tool. For example, the free Coolutils Outlook Viewer lets you open a familiar PST file without Outlook.

    Right-click Outlook Data File and select Data File Properties from the menu.

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    This definitely shouldn’t rename the PST file, basically the name that is hidden in Outlook.

    You can also password protect your individual PST file by clicking Change Password.

    This will open the “Change Password” chat window where you can enter your password. This way no one can open the file without your family name. password.

    Here we give the standard disclaimer: if you lose your password, you will lose access to the contents of your PST, so be sure to keep your password in a safe place, such as in this password manager.

    From now on, “Outlook Data File” will be called whatever name you configured. you

    If you’re tired of looking at a PST file, it’s just as easy to grab and add it. Right-click the file and its name, then select “Close [folder name]”

    Microsoft Outlook remembers name changes. So if you close the PST and reopen it in the future, it will show up with the extended name and not “Outlook Data File”


    If you use Outlook every day, your saved studies can be a real treasure. This article will show you the easiest way to access your data stored in PST files with and without Microsoft Outlook.

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    Outlook is the most popular tool for managing email, upcoming appointments, and contacts. Helping Outlook every day means that you store the actual amount of data in it that becomes valuable over time. Therefore, it is important to know where Saves displays the data and how it is displayed.

    Microsoft Outlook stores your data and backups in PST (short for Store, “personal”) files. It contains many of your emails, calendar items, notes or email templates stored in Outlook. This article explains how to easily open an Outlook.pst file.

    You might be more interested in learning how to open the desired PST files without access to Outlook. You may be working on a different computer and don’t want to access the installer. Or are you planning to leave your current job but want to save time accessing your contacts and their email history?

    There are steps you can takeFive to prevent data leakage that could prevent you from accessing PST files without Outlook. However, if not, this blog will show you how to access PST files with and without Outlook.

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    Open The PST Report In Outlook 2010 Or Later

    Why can’t I open a PST file in Outlook?

    Error Cause Outlook PST cannot be opened. Incorrect shutdown of Outlook, causing Outlook.exe to successfully run in the background. PST uses background backup. Conflicting Outlook software or buggy add-ins. The PST file is damaged or damaged due to being too large, hard drive failure, system or Outlook failure (most common reason)

    Step 1: Launch Outlook and click File, then click and open Export.

    Step 3. Select the desired file in the registry. Finally, confirm your choice by clicking “Open”. Outlook will then open your own PST.PST file

    Open File In Outlook 2007 Or Earlier

    Step 1: Start Outlook and pause the file. Then click Open.

    Step 3. Select Import. A new window will open with the Outlook Import/Export tool. Click “Import via other programs or files” and confirm by clicking “Next”.

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