Troubleshooting Sqlplus I / O Errors

Troubleshooting Sqlplus I / O Errors

In this guide, we will highlight some of the possible causes that can lead to sqlplus I / O errors, and then provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    Oracle Database Tips from Donald Burleson, January 2015


    Question: I am getting an I / O error when starting the storage system:

    sqlplus input/output error

    SQL> Start

    The ORACLE instance is running.

    ORA-00221: error writing toControl file
    ORA-00206: Write error (block # 1, blocks 1) of the controlORA-00202
    File: Audit Record: ‘/U02/database/mydb/control01.ctl’
    ORA-27072: file I / O error
    Linux error: 13: temporary resourceout of stock


    < / p>

    Stream 1 extended by protocol7268
    Errors in the catalog/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/admin/alpaorcl/bdump/alpaorcl_arc1_25850.trc:
    ORA-00202: Control file: ‘/home/logdisk2/oradata/alpaorcl/control03.ctl’
    ORA-27091: unable to connect I / O
    ORA-27072: file I / O error
    Linux-x86_64 Errors: Four: I / O Errors

    isIs this just an I / O error in the control file, or are you practicing to get a real hard drive crash?

    Answer: Your first step is to make sure you have it.It is “real” I / O for CD / DVD.Failure and not the best failure of phantom I / O, and the operating system logs provide thisInformation.

    I’ll probably start checking if the control file is realcorrupt. I would start by looking to see if you can complicate the UNIX “view” or the command”Lines” in the control file and make sure you have the operating system syslog for the I / O file.Guilt.

    Basically you need your own SYSADMIN employee callYour DASD dealer will replace damaged advertisers.

    Then I would put aside a copy of other copies of your main orderFile and replace the one linked in the Start menu. When someone is notIf your control files are multiplexed, people will burn you every daycontrolfile which can be obtained from the trace file.
    Edit a website backupcontrol file;

    Usually all I / O errors are pretty serious and you need toyou should contact Oracle technical support sr.

    Solution if youDisk I / O error when opening SR for the first time, replace di to an effective diskDevice and recovery of the used RMAN database. An Oracle Support Engineer canadvise buyers to useError De Entrada / Salida De Sqlplus
    Sqlplus Input/output Fel
    Ошибка ввода / вывода Sqlplus
    Errore Di Input/output Sqlplus
    Sqlplus Invoer-/uitvoerfout
    Sqlplus Eingabe-/Ausgabefehler
    SQLplus 입출력 오류
    Erreur D’entrée/sortie SQLplus
    Błąd Wejścia/wyjścia Sqlplus