Troubleshooting Subaru Transmission Problems

Troubleshooting Subaru Transmission Problems

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    Sometimes, your computer may display an error code indicating how to troubleshoot Subaru transmission problems. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons. Subaru Corporation is offering consumers an extended warranty on its continuously variable transmission (CVT) up to 1.5 million vehicles after it raised concerns about transmission problems that could potentially cause a vehicle to stall compared to 2012-2017 models.

    3. Drag

    Slippage is literally what can happen to automatic transmissions. You may be impressedLaziness that I say that the gears are shifting, and should not. Usually the engine makes a high-pitched noise, but the vehicle may still appear to have a sudden loss of power.

    2. Delayed Interaction

    How do I know if my Subaru transmission is bad?

    Check engine light.Delayed interaction.Drag, pull.Unable to transfer speed.Shifting into high gear is difficult.The smell of burning.Leaking transmission oil.

    No, this is not an act of this romantic comedy: delayed intervention occurs in cases where there is a pause between the moment when, according to experts, the car intervenes, and free time, when movement occurs. This means that an individual engine may take a short period of time before starting to move – and if it did, it could crash.

    1. Check Engine Light

    Your Subaru knows how to give orders when something goes wrong. If there is any problem with the transmission, then the Check Engine light can no doubt come on. You should always turn off this light when it shines high. This is especially important if you notice any of the symptoms beforehand.

    Subaru cars are usually very reliable and will last more than 200,000 units with a fairly regular technicalservice. In some pits, Subaru owners may notice an automatic transmission problem that requires a mechanic to fix.

    In this article, some of us will be discussing additional common issues known to affect Subaru’s powertrains.

    Always Slip Or Shake At The Beginning

    Subaru vehicles that use the older 4-speed automatic transmission known as the Suffer 4e are a very common problem. Several indicators indicate this, from slipping, shaking, or perhaps even shaking when accelerating a transmission called 4EAT, which suffers from a very common problem. This manifests itself in a variety of symptoms, ranging from slipping, bumping, or shaking when accelerating after stopping.

    subaru transmission troubleshooting

    In some cases, there may be noticeable slippage at high speeds. Typically, warning lights or other symptoms associated with the engine generator warning light will definitely not be present.

    • The transmission is experiencing difficultiesspine in all-wheel drive mode. If there are any difficulties, it should be two-wheeled. This can be easily verified by installing a fuse in the front drive switch under the engine. If this does not correct the problem, the cause could be the burglar alarm input or the TCU itself.
    • A defective or positive torque converter clutch will cause solenoid shifting, shifting, or jerking at higher speeds. These solenoids are temperature sensitive and generally work well and are great for warm up. While it’s unlikely Subaru will sell the solenoid separately, catch-up solenoid valves may be available.

    Transmission Temperature Warning

    Subaru vehicles equipped with the traditional 4EAT 4-speed cable transmission can sometimes suffer from an alternative that becomes a flammable transmission. In most cases, the transmission temperature indicator will flash. This can happen during or after driving. This can happen when the vehicle is turned on or even whenstarting the engine.

    • Oil cooler or clogged pipes preventing transmission and conditioning of gear oil. The easiest way to check this is to see if there is any gear oil in the return line.
    • Failure of the pressure solenoid valve, resulting in a loss of a very uniform pressure transmission. As a result, movement through the oil cooler becomes too slow and leads to heating. Moreover, this movement can also lead to problems such as difficult or delayed gear changes.

    Hold When You Come To A Stop

    New Subaru with Lineartronic CVT may now have an issue that causes the electric motor to stall when the new car is stopped. In most cases, this happens mainly in situations where, after a long period of motivation, there is usually a sharp inhibition. After stalling, the machine is assembled and operated without problems.

    • Torsion converter defective if clutch remains engaged When it is in the idle state, it should turn off. The blocking that caused it causes the engine to stop. The cause of this problem is a worn thrust washer on the inner breakout tool that prevents the clutch from disengaging. Replace Who’s with a Torrington bearing designed to correct the problem.
    • Incorrect gear oil. Make sure to use only Subaru CVT approved liquefied petroleum gases.

    Groaning When Accelerating

    Newer Subaru indicate a problem with the Lineartronic CVT that appears to be interspersed with a constant growl from their transmission. This usually only happens during acceleration, without any other possible symptoms.

    • Failure of the primary and secondary bearings, pulley, which is an absolutely common problem for all versions of Lineartronic gearboxes. To find the cause of the problem, drive up to the noise floor and shift to a lower gear ratio. If the noise changes, it may be a tone or a tone, the bearing of the primary pulley is considered notserviceable. If no changes are made, the second set of pulley bearings may be difficult to install. While Subaru doesn’t sell all of these bearings individually, aftermarket packages are available.

    Fluctuating Motor Speed

    New Subaru equipped with Lineartronic Transmission (CVT) have a very common problem that almost manifests itself in engine speed changes when driving on the highway. When this happens, it is unlikely that engine speed will rise or fall due to driver action. This issue affects both TR690 and TR580 microbial infections and triggers the car’s engine warning light so that there is a specific matching engine light so that the corresponding code can be stored.

    • Defective TCC solenoid valve that shuts off when transmission reaches operating temperatures. The test checks the resistance, which should normally be 12 ohms at room temperature and 200 ° C. If the solenoid fails, the circuit must be openand when heated. Subaru doesn’t sell rest solenoids, but they do exist in the aftermarket. However, replacement involves soldering. Links
    • damaged or wiring between solenoid coil, optional TCU.

    How do I reset my Subaru transmission?

    Disconnect the battery.Apply the brakes for ten seconds (drain the electrical system).Connect the battery.Turn the key to the “ON” position.Switch off the ignition.Turn the key to the “ON” position.Switch off the ignition.Wait seventeen seconds.

    Based on our experience and reports, you are more likely to run into powertrain problems if you only have a Subaru CVT than a particular four- or five-speed automatic transmission.

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    While these are some of the most common Subaru automatic transmission problems, this does not mean that all Subaru trucks and cars have transmission problems. 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