No Remedy Found For Viaaide Sys Problem

No Remedy Found For Viaaide Sys Problem

If you cannot find viahelp sys on your system, these instructions may help.

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    Version number: < / tr>

    Description: < td> Legal Copyright:

    Supported by Windows

    File Information Description
    Size file: 18
    Date / time of file modification: 2013: 08: 22 05: 33: 00 + 00 : 00
    Date / time of file inode change: 2017: 11: 05 07: 04: 28 + 00: 00
    File Type: Win32 EXE
    MIME Type: Application / Byte Stream
    Computer type: Intel 386 or higher and therefore compatible
    Timestamp: 2013: 08: 22 04: 11: 44 + 00: 00
    PE type: PE32
    Linker version: 11.0
    Code size: 5632
    Size of the initialized data

    Your uninitialized data: 0
    Entry point: 0x22d2
    OS version: 6.
    Version image n: 6.3

    Subsystem: Own
    File number: 6.0.6000.170

    File flag mask: 0x003f
    File flags: (none)
    File operating system: 32-bit Windows NT < /td>

    Object File Type: Driver
    File Subtype: 8 < / td>

    Language code: English (US)
    Character set: Unicode
    Company name: VIA Technologies, Inc.

    Generic PCI VIA IDE Bus Driver
    File version: 6,0,6000,170
    Internal name: viaide.sys
    Copyright (C) Technologies, Inc. 2000-2007.
    Original filename: pciide.sys
    Name for each channel: VIA PCI IDE MINI Driver
    Product Version: 6,0,6000,170
    Comments: XP
    Legal Signs:
    Private version:

    ✠” Portions of file data that are provided when Viaide Sys Hittades Inte
    Viaide Sys Não Encontrado
    Viaide Sys Niet Gevonden
    Viaide-System Nicht Gefunden
    Viaide 시스템을 찾을 수 없음
    Viaide Sys No Encontrado
    Sistema Viaide Non Trovato
    Système Viaide Introuvable
    Nie Znaleziono Systemu Viaide